Monday, May 12, 2008

I am trying to rework the shop for the new season. It is difficult to compete with the big boxes in my little box, but I try to give people value and variety. So much of the antique/vintage world overprices merchandise thinking they are dealing with museum treasures. In reality, everyone who sells used merchandise is part of the new "green" movement. Antique dealers were the first recyclers!


Anonymous said...


I love your display. And your antique dealers were the first recyclers. Thanks for sharing your treasures. You go girlie.


Janet L Christian said...

Love your display, love that cabnit. You are right -- antique dealers are "green"

Pink Hugs Sweet Shoppe said...

Love sunflowers, and the cabinet with them painted on it as well. Looks great.

Patricia said...

Susan--hooray!!! You did it. Looks great, you're on your way to internetdom (?). Think I may have just coined a word. The pictures are lovely, is that a lamp or a vase I see reposing on top of the little wooden cabinet?
Look forward to seeing your blog weekly too.