Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This is Mount Pillow in my shop...I sold an iron bed, and, until I get another one set up, I have this pile. I figure if it collapses it won't hurt anyone though! I truly have a pillow fetish...have 10 on our personal bed!


Susie said...

What is wrong with a few pillows? I, too, have that wonderful fetish. I feel like the princess and the pea. Wonderful blog!
Susie ~The Polka Dot Rose~

Deb said...

I love Mount Pillow! Thanks for sharing your blog with us. :)


Anonymous said...

LOL, I met Sue when she first opened her shop - Her whole shop is Mt. Something or Other - wonderful stuff covered over by quilts in the middle of the floor; sideboards covered several feet high. She's got a great eye for purchasing and she's a natural at merchandising - making sweet stuff even more desirable. She pointed out her blog to me today - I helped her to set up Mount Pillow. It was actually to keep people from trying to sit on the bed which was filled with cardboard boxes covered by fabric. Then she sold every pillow off it! :-D

Miss you, Sue! xxxxxxooooooooo