Sunday, August 30, 2009


Classes start tomorrow, and I teach Composition 102 which entails research. Having a Library Science degree dovetailing my English degrees provides amazing support for teaching as well as running my shop. For example, a new interest of my in the line of antiques is china...pretties as we call them. I never dealt with china much, but I now have this wonderful cupboard for display, and it just calls for dishes, does it not?

I always try to provide the history of anything I put out, and dishes will get the same treatment. The best source for marks is this Kovel book. There is a volume for marks prior to 1850, but those antiques are not in my price range!
Anyway, this book allows you to match marks to companies and narrow down to dates for those items. For example, these dishes have this mark...

From that mark, I can reference in Kovel's and find the information to co-ordinate with the mark...this is a later mark, but the information photographed better!
More information is easily accessible online these days, and I did find that this company made china for the Third Reich as well. Never know what research will uncover!

Interestingly many of the pretty dishes are from of the more interesting marks on German dishes is this one...
At the end of WWII, Germany was occupied by the US, Britain, and France from 1945-1949, and then the 3 zones became the Federal Republic of Germany(West Germany) while the Soviets controlled East Germany.

Limoge is another company well-known for the "pretties." Their history is a fascinating one, and it warrants a family tree in the Kovel book. Many of these well-known companies have soap opera histories once you start researching them!

So, sometimes a little research uncovers some intriguing history and provides insight into the antique markets. But...pretty dishes can even make KFC look special! Just remember the microwave does not get along with early china!


Just a bed of roses said...

Love your china hutch, looks really nice in your shop.
I need to research more...use to buy those good books.
I bought some haviland limoges plates with roses border sat. and put in the shop.
many people buy just cause they are pretty, but really the markings on the bottom are what give value.
I'm probably missing out on some great reading, but I know I will keep up with what you teach. thanks.
Have a good time going back to school. My daughter is having a hard time back at college...tough learning new things sometimes. all good though.In fact I had a dream last night I was in a college class and was being really dumb! said...

Beautiful cubboard and dishes. And great information. I use the computer allot for datta-entry, but I need to use it more for research.

gail said...

I hope you have a great semester! Where did the summer go? Actually I wish it would go.... its been 115 all weekend. Yikes! I love the hutch, so very pretty. I love china and I always love what I learn here from you.
I found some little green leather library books that my dad had from the days of his auction. They are mostly from around the 1920's I think. I had fun trying to do some research on them!
Have a great week back to school. Gail