Sunday, September 27, 2009

Autumn is a second spring...

where every leaf is a flower to quote Albert Camus. Well, after this strange wet summer, it will be interesting to see what colors appear. I love orange...the colors of fall...the faded greens, bright yellows, rusty reds.

I thought this fall I would introduce some of the treasures that go with the fall colors. This week, we will take a look at amberina, a blended glass, part yellow amber merging into a ruby red. Interestingly, I only have 2 pieces to show you...several sold before I could get pictures taken...have had a very busy weekend!

Anyway, amberina is created by mixing a compound including gold into the glass and reheating it before letting it cool completely which causes changes to the color of the glass. According to The Glass Encyclopedia, it was first made by Joseph Locke and Edward D. Libbey of the New England Glass Company in the United States in 1883.

While other glass-making companies also made amberina glass, Locke and Libbey patented the glass in 1883, preventing competitors from making it without a license.

The Mt. Washington Glass Company made amberina glass in the 1880s, but, in the spirit of American business, New England Glass sued and forced Mt. Washington to stop marketing any amberina styled glassware.

New England did license the technique to several companies including Gillinder & Sons and Libbey and Co. Libbey produced amberina glass for the 1893 World's Fair and made amberina until around 1920. Companies that still make amberina today include Fenton Glass, Blenko, and Boyd's Crystal Art Glass. Modern amberina tends to have brighter colors, tending to orange rather than the traditional gold and rose colors of earlier amberina.

Remember though we spent the summer smelling the flowers, now it is time to watch the leaves turn!


Just a bed of roses said...

Love the pretty fall glass, no wonder it sold. I bought some pretty pieces at the estate this week, its so pretty in the shop, won't last long I'm sure.
Love the cat...oh thats a fabulous picture on the bench, its a keeper.

so what you are saying is we've had time to smell the roses, lets watch the leaves turn brilliant colors and fall and enjoy them as we rake rake rake them up! They are so pretty and crunchy. said...

wonderful post, seems I was just reading about this glass the other day. It's beautiful. I love that it's fall. I also love that green bench you cat is sitting on.

Have a good evening


gail said...

Hi Susan,,, beautiful glass pieces, BUT I love the photo of the handsome furry person! Cute picture :) I hope your enjoy some beautiful fall weather for me. It was 108 today and its getting a little ridiculous! Aaagghhh. And the leaves on the trees we do have dont turn, they are the same all year long. I love hearing about the fall from all of my friends back east. I live through you! Have a pretty week. (()) gail

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Looking forward to the Fall even though I "don't do orange." hee,hee,hee. Wish I could pet the kitty. So sweet!
bunny hugs,