Sunday, October 11, 2009

A charming woman...

doesn't follow the crowd. She is herself. (Loretta Young)

Charm is one of those multi-tasking words…a woman’s charms, a charming day, fall under a charm, lucky charms…gambling and cereal…candy charms…and, in keeping with our Octoberfest, charms as incantations for bewitching.!
If you are a Harry Potter reader, you will recall the class in Charms. Rowling described the magic spells as being able “to give an object new and unexpected properties.”
Well, that is what my newest shop artisan has done with some chain bracelets I purchased at auction. With baubles and beads and buttons, Sharon has transformed the simple chains into charming bracelets.

Interestingly the Egyptians wore charm bracelets to help the Gods guide the wearer and his/her possessions to the proper status level in the afterlife. Charms served as IDs for quite a while in history, from the Christians and their fish symbols during Roman times to the Knights of the Medieval times.

Queen Victoria brought the charm bracelet into fashion, moving it from practical to fashionable.

Then, WWII created a market for trinkets for soldiers to bring home while stateside, the kids were using the gumball trinkets to create charming creations!

By the 1950s, charm bracelets were in vogue and that continued throughout the 1960s. I remember getting a charm bracelet from a high school boyfriend, and then I added to it as I traveled the world as a young woman. This is one of those from many years ago...
So, if you want to be a charming woman or charm a friend or a significant other…check out these unique bracelets! Remember, these are truly unique...and made in America...and quite affordable! Sharon has created some wonderful bracelets for you as she blends the old into a new artistic interpretation for of a kind!

“In two decades I've lost a total of 789 pounds. I should be hanging from a charm bracelet.” (Erma Bombeck)


Just a bed of roses said...

Arent the charms and bracelets wonderful, she has loaded them so full it would be fun for the wearer of them to be entertained.

Love how you told the history on charms and bracelets...some things go waaaaay back dont they? said...

What a charming bracelet. I remember getting a charm sliver charm bracelet, it came from Macy's in New York. I always loved the idea, but I never filled it. I think I just barley gave it to the DI. I could have given it to you to fill for me. Dang.

I loved your History on charms.


gail said...

Hi Susan,,, I loved this post. I love my charm bracelet I got when I turned 16 and I have been adding to it since then. It is full of my lifes memories. I love it. Sharon has done a beautiful job, I love her creations. I hope she does very well with them!
Have a pretty week. (()) gail

Marie said...

Hi Susan,
I love this post and I love my charm bracelet. Sharon's bracelets are truly works of art.