Sunday, October 18, 2009

“The most incomprehensible thing about the world

is that it is at all comprehensible.” (Albert Einstein)

We just “celebrated” Columbus Day…a.k.a. day off, no mail, mattress sales! But, the world is still full of discoveries yet to be made despite how far we have come, and one only needs to look at some old geography books to see that.

I bought a stack of them…and a globe…and a framed map last week.
Geography is one of those lost subjects in today’s school sytems when it should be a top priority. Ask someone where Afghanistan is, and you may get “over there.”
It used to be taught...a few of these books are from a "normal" Rowan University.

Interestingly, geography come from a Greek word γεωγραφία, meanng to describe or write about the Earth which was formulated by Erathosthenes (276-194 BC) …I am always fascinated in this research how much the Greeks had to do with our society’s foundation, yet we seem to think we are the center of the universe. We are babes in these woods!

Some people think that if a book is old, it is valuable. Not really. First editions may have some value, other things include if it is signed by the author, owned by someone famous, or owned by someone famous who perhaps made notes in the book, or a book with interesting art, design or type.

Condition impacts value, which always makes me crazy…a book whose spine has never been bent may be worth more than one that has been read. So, why buy a book? Pile them on the coffee table or line them up like toy soldiers on shelves!

That truly is the one aspect of this business that boggles my mind…don’t use it…keep it pristine…I would rather have a book that looks as though someone loved it enough to read it over and over…

But, back to my geography books…or any old textbooks…beng a teacher, I cannot resist them, and, if you are in the area, I can offer you the world...for a price...and, remember, as Jimmy Buffett once said…"Without geography you're nowhere."


Just a bed of roses said...

always look forward to what your mind is thinking.

My husband adores old books, sometimes I say to him "dont you think you should read something more updated!

Just watch jay Leno and see how illiterate some are about geography...makes us laugh.

Wish i could come in to your shop, its looking good for the holidays.
Hope your doing better than Curious.

gail said...

Hi Susan,, I love books. I have lots and lots and love them! I really like geography and being in the travel business for over 15 years I am probably better than most. But one day I was questioning my daughter who was a straight A senior in High School about where some cities were.I was funny how many she did not know! In fact unless they had a professional basketball team there it was useless. I thought that was really sad.
Thanks for stopping by and entering my contest give away...good luck, have a pretty week, gail