Sunday, November 1, 2009 nice to it...

November...although the 11th month, the name actually derives from the Latin, meaning nine. When the Romans added January and February to the calendar, they did not bother to rework the months. I feel sorry for November because it becomes lost in the rush to the December "holidaze." Even 18th century English author Joseph Addison maligned November..."The gloomy months of November, when the people of England hang and drown themselves."

November is the month that calls us inside...the leaves are turning...for us at the shore here, the tourists are dwindling...the temps are dropping. But, I find it full of odds and ends. So, in honor of November and moving indoors, here are some interesting odds and ends from the store.

I have several glass knives. They are from the Depression era, and I have one that is in its original box.
The inside of the box provides excellent directions for its use. As a composition teacher, I am amazed by the confusing sentence structure in many of today's guides compared to the precise directions on these types of items.

Obviously the owner of this knife did not follow the directions is a tad ragged.
But, I guess they did not have the 17 cents to send it off to Atlantic City to have it resharpened.
And, the owner of this one was not going to lost it at the church social! Her name is engraved on it. I would imagine this was a shower or wedding gift.

Another item that is fun to collect is the napkin ring. The Victorians did not launder frequently so that each person had his or her own napkin ring which held the napkin for the week's dining. It is rare to find matching sets unless they are engraved. I am fascinated by the intricacy of the simple silverplated rings. Although many search for sterling silver rings, I like the less expensive but no less decorative plated ones. Here are a couple I have in stock now.

Maybe, if you start now, you could find unique rings to put out on the holiday tables.

So, welcome to November! And, in addition to Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving, there is Sadie Hawkins Day, Military Family Appreciation Month, National American Indian Heritage Month and National Pomegranate Month. Also, you can celebrate National Family Week, Cookie Monster Day, National Men Make Dinner Day, International Tongue Twister Day, Marine Corps Birthday, and Buy Nothing Day (I have issues with that...chuckle), and, above all, a celebration for World Kindness.


PunkRose {Sher} said...

I love November ~ The last 2 months of the year are always my favorite time! The glass knives are really neat, I've never seen one ~ And yes, I have issues with Buy Nothing Day too - let's pretend they don't mean us retailers ~ or, maybe it's just the local donut shop...heehe :) Interesting post, loved it {as I do all of your posts!} Have a happy November Miss Susan ~ xo Sherri

Anonymous said...

The leaves here in Cape May Court House are turning and falling faster than we can get them out to the street to be picked up. I am sure that a glass knife could also be used to cut blubber off of a white whale. Cooler is OK, but cold is not welcome. Here's hoping for a mild winter!!

gail said...

Hi Susan,, its time for you all back east to head inside, but long last we can head outdoors here in the west. Finally temps that will allow us out doors and not bake, burn or faint. lol
I always enjoy reading your posts and learn new things! I hope you have a great week. (()) gail

Just a bed of roses said...

I guess in those days it was much harder to deal with the cold and dampness, sickness etc.

I welcome November too, its so pretty. You'll have time to do inventory (hee hee) and get prepared for summer season before you know it!