Sunday, November 15, 2009

South Jersey Glass

Despite the fact that we were almost blown out to sea this past week, South Jersey is an amazing potpourri of places and people. We do have beaches, boating, and beauty, and a little bit of attitude thrown in.

At auction Friday night, I bought some fun glass items. South Jersey housed the first successful glass manufacturing company, Casper Wistar in Alloway, 1739-1781.

Glassmaking was prolific from 1830-1890 until automation came to the industry. Although traditional items were produced...pitchers, bowls, salts, ink wells, scent bottles...some unique products were also designed. These whimsies included toy drums, canes, swords, and real oddities like the hammer here, not to mention the hatchets. The one is dated from the 1893 World's Fair. There is also a about fragile justice!

Then I bought this glass hat...
not to mention top hats in glass.

I did see an article on the web that called these top hats celery vases although I would think it would be pretty fancy for celery! I can see them used as floral vases. They are in the glass whimsy family though!

The most common color was aqua since it required no coloring agents...all the canning jars were produced that way. Amber, green, glue and clear are readily found, but ruby and amethyst require gold and quartz or gems to produce the color. These balls are variations of witch balls. The witch's ball date back to 18th century England.

They were hung in a window or in the house, or even given a place on a velvet pillow. They were thought to trap negative energy and prevent it from impacting the household. We need to hang some of these balls throughout the world, don't we!!!

Or, perhaps all we need is to fill this giant wine bottle and pass it around! "“We are all mortal until the first kiss and the second glass of wine.” (Eduardo Galeano)

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Just a bed of roses said...

I was worried about you this week, wind and rain, how much did you end up getting in rain?
Love that you got some old pieces of glass, some I have never seen, as usual.
They will add so much beauty to your shop, customers are going to enjoy using them in their homes.

Great auction and always I look forward to your Sunday learning blog.