Sunday, February 21, 2010

Change is inevitable...

except from a vending machine(Robert Gallagher).

The snow is melting...spring is coming...
life goes on but not without "issues."
Our vegetation sustained some serious damage over the past weeks...but things can be pruned, replanted, revived. What is sad are the small shop owners being hit with their own economic blizzards. These are not so easily repaired. On forums, in blogs, and in person the stories of these troubled economic times are everywhere.

I happened on an article about antiques in my cyber reading...and I copied an interesting quote from the Watertown, NY, news site...
"The number of single dealers with private stores also is on the decline, partly because of the economy, but also because of the rise of Web sites like eBay and craigslist that allow customers to tailor their shopping experience, Mrs. Carter said.

'I think the shop owners get tired," she said. 'You sit in your store and maybe one or two people will come in every couple of days.'"

But...stores close...others goes on...and in that vein, my elf and I are hoping to get the shop "spring-i-fied" for you in the coming days so that we can welcome the one or two...or more of you who want some retail relief...

The new magazine Flea Market Style is in stock.

Packed with ideas like what to do with old funnels...this section has great ideas, and we will have funnels for the do-it-yourselfers and finished products for the want it nowers.

It has a section on roses...another shop standard...

Then Victoria arrived and there was one of my new contacts...Peacock Park...we will have some of her merchandise in the shop this spring.

So, as we slowly come out of hibernation, we will be restocking with treasures old and new just for you...designing a "Spring Harvest" to make you feel rewarded for surviving the Wooly Winter...and speaking of wool, I have some dynamic ruffled pillows coming, made out of recycled wool...and some chenille and designer fabric ones know I love the pillow!

In the meantime, watch for the daffodils...they are under those mounds of snow, I know!

Plan your gardens...
And remember, no matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow because change is inevitable!


Just a bed of roses said...

Susan I love this article on change. Being the English Professor that you are I suppose I should expect it, and I do look forward to your news each week about the shop.
If one or two came in the shop a day...I would close the doors so dang fast! Or the bank would?
We have seen our fair share here in Utah...economy plus some burn-out. And I can alway always blame it on Tai Pan with good reason!!!

Is the cream thing a PILLOW as I have fallen in love with it! A wool sweater pillow? Or an enlarged pin? cute rose pin idea for your pin maker.

We too are welcoming in Spring...our snow is gone...with more on the way, however it melts pretty fast. wondering if you got dug to your shop yet?

gail said...

Hi Susan, what a great post. I sure wish that things would change with this economy soon. I love visiting the shops in all of my travels. I hope your sweet shop gets up and running and you have a wonderful spring.
(()) gail

Brown Bee Studio said...

Susan, your blog is beautiful! I love your header. Thanks for imparting your wise observations. xoxo AndieBee

P.S. Though some things change, some remain steadfastly reliable. (Inspired by my word verification: levis I kid not!)