Sunday, May 30, 2010

The best antiques

are old friends.
This is on a sign that my best friend sent to me to hang in my shop...and it is so true. Stuff is everything, but your "BFF" is priceless.

Last week, my best friend Peggy and I did our biennial jaunt to New York City. We had to postpone it 2 years ago because her breast cancer had moved to Stage IV, but, with new medicine, she is stable, and we were able to go on our "Tacky Tourist NYC Tour" (we usually try to have a theme behind the trip). We had worked together when we lived in the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area, and she moved to Florida, and we moved to New Jersey nearly 20 years ago, but the phone has kept us in constant contact. Our previous trip was cancelled after we had paid for the hotel...the Marriott Renaissance on Times Square. The women who worked there were gracious, and they refunded our deposit, and they kept in touch with Peggy and her daughter Dana who is a true "event co-ordinator." Here she is moments after arriving with a Times Square policeman...these guys are all sweet. I always feel safe in this big city!

So, when they learned we were coming back, here is the greeting that she received on Broadway! Diane and Jennifer of the Marriott provided this memorable event for Peggy.

We started our first day with the typical NYC wandering. Lunch at Serendipity...
home of the FRROZEN hot chocolate...yes, spelled with 2 r's, and you can call ahead and order a $1000 sundae also (we passed on that but not the frozen hot chocolate with 3 straws.)

Down the street from Serendipity is Dylan's Candy about sugar rush street. Dylan is Ralph Lauren's daughter (if you indulged, you would never zip up a Lauren design though!) This is Dylan in jellybeans!!!

Then, we decided to walk off some of our indulgences and headed back downtown. We came to Central Park where the traditional
meets the modern
and even ran into a "shabby chic" pigeon!
Speaking of chic, at The Plaza entrance we were asked to take a photo of 4 British women from York (not "new" as one said), England. How cute are they?

Here is a Bergdorf window...they always have themes...this month...“American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity” show by The Costume Institute. The show is running at The Metropolitan Museum of Art from May 5 through August 15, 2010.
Peggy and her daughter Dana are active in current issues. Dana is into animal rights like I fact, she is taking a course on how to clean wildlife in case this oil spreads to the Florida coast. Peggy is into politics 24/7!
The Central Park side featured "Sex in the City" (of course, everything was SITC!!)

Now, a real chuckle headed down 5th Avenue was Abercrombie and Fitch! Yikes! Talk about sex and the city...hunks model and do a meet and greet at the door...the bare chested hunk was posing inside for pics!Funny though the British ladies showed up here! They might be staying at the Plaza, but they managed to find their way down the street to Abercrombie! Inside though I did find a less than stellar masculine specimen...
New York is home to some magnificent churches. Everyone know St. Patrick's, but there are many others. I thought this sign was rather telling for the current state of affairs.

Just the signs of NYC alone are worth a post...the Father's Day sign faces the former WTC pit.

I realize this is a long post...and you have not been to the Top of the Rock, across the Brooklyn Bridge or down to the Financial District, not to mention Broadway shows, so we will let you wander back to the hotel and relax. Then we will resume the tour later!


Just a bed of roses said...

No wonder tourists flock to New York, its so fabulously over the top.
Its so nice to see it through your eyes and words too, so much different than I've seen it. Never been.
Glad you two met up and had such fun. Can imagine!
Love everything and cant wait till I am rested to see the rest, seriously.

gail said...

Hi Susan. Wow, thanks for sharing your trip. I loved the sign at your hotel. How special. I have been to that Abacrombie before. I remember it well. LOL I really enjoyed Top of the Rock too. I love the City. Cant wait to see more. Thanks for sharing your trip!!!
(()) gail

metro home style said...

Great trip, and Peggy's welcome from the Marriott's Diane and Jennifer was THE BEST!!

Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

The Cinnamon Stick said...

Just getting to this post now Susan...gosh we are so close to NY and missing so much...I think a BFF'S trip has to happen soon...I was just told last night about Serendipity and a must see was Tinsel Trading Co. - Love your post and your writing make it so much fun! XO, Judy