Sunday, June 6, 2010

I want to wake up in a city...

that doesn't sleep...New York, New York. Despite the idea that New York is 24/7, things do close; everything is not open constantly, but, when you are on Times Square at night, you feel the energy...and they do leave the lights on!

Last year, they blocked off Times Square and put in bleachers and tables and chairs.

But, you do have to chuckle at how we can be so amused by flashing lights and neon colors. Truly, we are easily amused!

Speaking of amusement, we bought a 2 day bus pass and headed out and about. Our daytime tour took us downtown. I had to chuckle at my Wall Street picture...only got the back of the bull...but then we were quite the "butt" of the Wall Street folks, were we not?
The Financial District is still recovering from 9/11. The infamous spot...

What is fascinating is the chapel that served as sanctuary for the 9/11 workers.

If you look in the distance in this picture, you can see the orange building frames where the Towers once stood.
Inside the chapel, memorials ring the sanctuary
Outside the Bell of Hope was given by The Lord Mayor of London, England to New York City just one year after the terrorist attacks on 9-11-01. The bell was created in the same foundry in East London where the original Liberty Bell was cast and is now rung once a year on the anniversary of 9-11. It was also rung following the bombings in London, Madrid and Moscow, as well as for the victims of the Virginia Tech shootings. It is rung 20 times in four sets of five.

This is an emotional site for anyone as you can imagine. But, New Yorkers are strong~as are Americans~and can rise above, and, in that spirit, let us continue.

From the "Top of the Rock"--Rockefeller Plaza...70 stories up...

That green is the famous Central Park.

And, interestingly, there is vegetation in the city,
but indeed a tree does grown in Brooklyn, but here is the Brooklyn Bridge with said trees.

The Manhattan skyline at night from Brooklyn...gotta love the tacky tours!

The Twin Towers would have dwarfed that island corner. You can imagine the native New Yorker felt as though he or she lost a limb when they came down, and it was one of the few times the shows did not go on, but Broadway did rebound quickly, and nothing equals Broadway for the theatre goer. We saw Nathan Lane and Bebe Neuwirth in The Addams Family.
The cast except for Lane did sign autographs outside the stage door. Here is Bebe...tiny little thing...
We also saw American Idiot, a rock musical based on Green Day's music.

Uptown New York is an architect's dream world...churches, buildings, and brownstones occupy block after block. The Upper West side is more working class, where the Upper East side residences belong to the stars. This is The Dakota where John Lennon was killed; Yoko still lives here.
Also uptown is Harlem; the Apollo Theatre is down the street from Bill Clinton's office.

New York...a city of unique...
of world power...the United Nations...but, above all, where those we love share the moments of life in that big city......this was the "New York Minute" tour...hope you enjoyed!


Just a bed of roses said...

Love your mini tour part 2, what a fabulous place to meet a friend and have the time of your life.

since I have not been there its all fascinating, must be visually stimulating all over the place.

and again...always fun through your perspective.

Marge of Emmas Nook and Granny said...

Great tour and pictures!! Thanks for sharing!