Sunday, September 26, 2010

"Summer has come and passed.

The innocent can never last
Wake me up,
When September ends." ~ Green Day

Well, September is just about over...and, for those of us in the eastern shore towns, things slow down even if we have just had a string of 90 degree days. Fall is always a fun flea market time...people bring out all kinds of things to sell off since they do not want to store over winter or haul down south. So, this week is a look at some oddities that I found. The difference between catalog shopping, or even department store shopping, is that all of these items have a previous life...they did not come here on a slow boat from China or out of a warehouse.
If you are hauling, here is a neat item...a metal trunk. This style of trunk is 19th century, and it is probably English since the Brits were trying to cut costs and save wood.Imagine what has been carried inside?

Another oddity is this spring egg beater...I have my Grandmother's, and it works well for gravies and mixing flour into liquid. So often we shun the old utensils, but they really are quite utilitarian and very green...hand power only!

Here is a wonderful needlepoint bag. I always imagine the woman who worked hours to create this...and how proud she was when it was finished and hanging on her arm.
And someone repaired the bag by stitching an applique over a worn spot...did the original owner do it, or was it someone else through the years who understood the significance of the piece?
I know, it is no great treasure, but to someone it was...and that somebody understood that validates our humanity, does it not?
Or, how about a small school desk from the many of those who sat in these desks are still with us...
How about the lipsticks that were placed in this 1950s era creamy colors...bold reds, don't you think?

Not to mention, this time of year, many dealers bring out the old Christmas...even the look of the old Christmas makes you smile!

Then do find something that you know must have a great story behind it...

But, for the families who have gone before, they probably realized that "the innocent can never last."
But, for those of us who deal in the "Re" World vs the "Real" World...we know that to reuse and to repurpose is to make the past relive!

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