Sunday, April 3, 2011

Stressed is

desserts spelled backwards.

And considering it is tax time, planting time, spring cleaning time, end of semester time...well, serve up the goodies!

What is funny is that Google already had my topic set up for today in their search icon...April 3...which today is a Sunday...happens to be the birthday of the ice cream sundae! On April 3, 1892, after services at the Unitarian Church in Ithaca, New York, the Rev. John M. Scott visited the Platt & Colt Pharmacy – and its owner Chester Platt. Platt served up two bowls of vanilla ice cream but decided to jazz it up with cherry syrup and candied cherries. They were so pleased with the creation that Scott suggested it be named after the day it was created, and the "Cherry Sunday" was upon us.

By April 5, the pharmacy was advertising its 10-cent Cherry Sunday in the Ithaca Daily Journal.My research classes have been working with the topic "only in America" this semester, the ice cream sundae is pure Americana.

According to my research, after the 1929 stock market crash, one of the few luxuries that average folks could afford was the democratically-priced sundae. During World War II, patriotic "Victory Sundaes" included a Defense Saving Stamp with every purchase, while the Navy commissioned floating ice cream parlors - refrigerated barges with ice cream plants - to boost troop morale. In wartime and in hard times, home refrigerators were stocked with ice creams that, with a dash of imagination, provided the basis for an irresistible sundae. There are even books written about the creations!

As well as...

Of course, there is the traditional tulip shaped ice cream sundae glass...I do have an area dedicated to glasses for goodies in the shop...but you can use any interesting dish for ice cream...just as you could make a breakfast sundae with oatmeal, fruit, granola, and whipped cream...but, who am I is the ultimate sundae for Sunday....
So, you have a reason to celebrate with a sundae today...enjoy!

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