Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lady Madonna, children at your feet

Wonder how you manage to make ends meet

Do you know that song goes back to 1968? Wow! Some days it just hits you how fast time does go. I never know what a little bit of research will lead to...what idea it will invoke...what emotion it will call up...that is what happened with my foray into rosary beads which celebrate the Virgin Mary...Madonna. In the piles of vintage jewelry I buy, sometimes there are rosary beads. I did not give it too much thought until I had customers asking for them, and I started to sell them.

The rosary (from Latin rosarium, meaning "rose garden" or "garland of roses") is a popular and traditional Catholic devotion. The term denotes the prayer beads that consist of repeated sequences of the Lord's Prayer followed by ten prayings of the Hail Mary and a single praying of "Glory Be to the Father." Each of these sequences is known as a decade. The praying of each decade is accompanied by meditation on one of the Mysteries of the Rosary, which recall the life of Jesus Christ, but the Hail Mary is the key prayer, and May is dedicated to the Virgin Mary in the Catholic Church, dating back to the 13th century as the Church tried to Christianize the secular feasts in the spring.

I did not realize until doing this research that the beads are being worn as jewelry, and that has many of the devout Catholics upset. But, prayer beads originated with the Hindus, and other religions including Orthodox Christianity, Anglicanism, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Bahá'í Faith use beads for devotions, as well as meditation, protection from negative energy, or for relaxation.

This trend started in 2004 when David Beckham was shown on the cover of Vanity Fair with rosary beads around his neck. Not sure I really focus on the beads to be honest...Perhaps wearing the beads could provide a sense of serenity...many wear is a matter of respect...respect for one, for one's religion, for one's well-being...let it be...


Anonymous said...
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Just a bed of roses said...

Thanks for the info on the rosary beads, I too find them often and they always sell. I was not quite sure what their meanings were either. Peace/quiet and reverence is always good.