Sunday, June 12, 2011

"Don't it always seem to go

That you don't know what you've got til it's gone
They paved paradise and put up a parking lot"
- Joni Mitchell

And for those of us at the Jersey shore this week, it felt as though the ocean had been paved over...100+ degree heat, and it is not July. My shop is not air conditioned so it was not really a place anyone wanted to be.

It did make me wonder how folks in earlier times managed to survive with no electric cooling...or was the heat not as oppressive because there was more vegetation? This extreme climate change does make...or should pause. It has paused my getting inventory into the shop, I will admit that.

I am trying to restock...I have all kinds of neat treasures to get out. This depression era refrigerator dish got me to thinking about all the neat functional items that came out of the "big" Depression (unlike our current "little" Depression).
Speaking of that era, I came across the funniest excerpt from a 1932 book, Bamberger's Cook Book For The Busy Woman by Mabel Claire: "There is no good reason for the millions of ugly kitchens in the world. Nor is there any good reason for kitchens that look like white tile lunchrooms." She also writes that "Cook book collecting is one of the most fascinating hobbies in which a woman can indulge." I can help you out with that! The shelves are stocked and more to come!

More from her essay..."One must not lose sight of utility while satisfying the desire for color and charm...Jolly flasks of Venetian glass contain vinegar and oil.The tiniest set of shelves holds the spices and colors for decorating and garnishing."
She ends the article with this: "Above my stove I have hung a mirror in a green and gold frame. It reflects the jolly kitchen as well as the cook. A cook should consult a mirror often. For what use is a decorative kitchen without a decorative woman in it!"

Little tidbits from the past...have we really advanced all that much even with all the gadgets. But even in 1932 Mabel longs for the past..."In many houses that have been restored and kept in memory of another day, the kitchen is a most interesting and delightful room."

But as President Truman cautioned, "If you don't like the heat, get out of the kitchen."

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Just a bed of roses said...

Oh dear we're certainly not going to want a gold framed mirror above our kitchen stove, especially to see the pretty woman cooking. That's a great line from the past.
They did love the kitchen and wearing their lipstick and aprons, I think I'd just a soon take your advice and get out of the kitchen, heat included!
thanks susan!