Sunday, September 25, 2011

Until we extend our circle of compassion

to all living things, humanity will not find peace. ~Albert Schweitzer

A little different twist for the blog this week. Every now and then we need to pause and remember it is not about the "stuff." Sometimes a human interest story catches me more than a piece of McCoy pottery or a bakelite bracelet. I have been following on Facebook the story of Jack the Cat who was "lost" by American Airlines a month ago today (August 25). A little background from the story on the FB site...Jack The Cat was rescued from the NYCACC by Karen Pascoe several years ago (along with Barry, who has become his brother). After 22 years of living in NYC, Karen got a great new job offer in California, and decided that it was time for her and the boys to go out west. And so the story begins...

Karen, Jack and Barry were supposed to take flight 177 on 8/25/11. Jack was in his kennel along with the other cat Barry. They cleared security and Karen said goodbye to them as the American Airlines handler was putting the plastic ties around the kennel door.

Karen went back to the passenger area to get something to eat. She received a call at 6:04 pm from an American Airlines employee letting her know that one of her cats was missing. Now, in my mind, I am thinking that although cats are bright, they would have a difficult time getting the carrier open since they all seal from the outside.

Initially, American Airlines was concerned, but as the weeks pass, it seems as if they have tuned out. Of course, you always get the responses on comment boards that it is just a cat...but those of us who are animal lovers know better.

What fascinated me was how quickly thousands of strangers came together to show support and compassion for this little cat. Would it be that easy for our leaders to do the same!If you are interested in following the story, it is on Facebook under Jack-The-Cat-is-Lost-in-AA-Baggage-at-JFK.

Authors like cats because they are such quiet, lovable, wise creatures, and cats like authors for the same reasons. ~Robertson Davies

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