Sunday, February 12, 2012

"If you have much,

give your wealth; if you have little, give your heart.” ~Anonymous

And, what better gift from the heart than one of these charming vintage planters from my neighbor Captain Scrap's up the road!(3071 Rt. 9...Seaville, NJ...609-624-0111) Imagine the person who ordered the floral display for one of those planters...the one who received it...not chocolate diamonds or going to Jarrod's or Kay Jeweler's...from a simpler time...that is what an antique shop or antique co-op like my shop feature for today gives you. It puts you in touch with the past...imagine a writer sitting down to one of these...No Ctrl-Alt-Delete!

Sometimes the antique shop gets put down, and people try to avoid the term antique..."Oh, things your grandmother had!" Well, I hate to break it to you, but many of us are the grandmothers now, and I think my things are pretty neat! How many of you have some of these bowls and dishes in your cabinets?And, if you need more, check out the first booth when you come in to the antique co-op.

Now, co-ops are different from the small one owner shop because, like a department store, there may be more variety. Run by Kathleen(camera shy)and her daughter, Caitie, they have to co-ordinate a variety of people and merchandise, and they may not have all the details on every single piece so sometimes you have to be aware of that. Still, much of the merchandise is easy to made from real wood not pressed sawdust!Here's looking at you, kid!
I don't care how modern you may be, this piece embodies not only modern but also design. Just one simple antique or vintage item can give a unique feel to a room...And imagine celebrating a birthday with some retro is not easy getting old, but getting old with fun memories makes it a little easier to deal with!

Or, how about a martini and a game of Tiddlywinks!

Of course, antiques can create a sense of the past that one cannot get from just words on paper...before GPS, there were maps! Maps that needed to be folded and unfolded...if you are a "boomer," I am sure you have a tale about the map folding adventures in the front seat!And, before there were video games, kids actually went outside and played...even as a girl, I loved cars and trucks...Yes, many of these items are wonderful because of the memories that they stir...but there is hope that antique malls and antique shops will survive...that not everyone needs to be a "Maxxinista" for everything...Taylor Swift stopped in at Captain Scrap's and did some serious buying! A picture is taped to the front counter to commemorate...And...if you are a will find some wonderful old unused scrapbooks...So, from neat old paper to let a smile be your umbrella,
you will find all kinds of antiques....vintage...retro...things your grandmother had, and things that will make you smile...I seriously love this bird!To the traditional antiques
remember...if you really want unique...and an antique mall or an antique shop-and remember-antique is not a bad word-may have what you are looking for...take a time out...
“Remembering the past gives power to the present.” ~Anonymous

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