Sunday, March 4, 2012

"March is the month of expectation,

The things we do not know,
The Persons of Prognostication
Are coming now
...~Emily Dickinson, From...XLVIII

Did you know that March was originally the first month of the Roman calendar and was named after Mars, the god of war? We changed to the 'New Style' or 'Gregorian calendar in 1752. The Anglo-Saxons called the month "Hlyd monath" which means Stormy month, or "Hraed monath" which means Rugged month. I am sure the people who are dealing with the horrible storms in the midwest will definitely agree with that characterization.

Back here, the crocus have finally agreed to show up...And, with the blooming of the flowers, so does my shop start to come alive, and so today's blog is show and tell. With the help of my able bodied friend and elf, we...really she...created displays alive with color. That is something many of you who are not shop owners may not realize. Unlike a big box store, where things just go on shelves, the true independent shop owner creates scenes. An online seller may set up some photo displays, but the brick and mortar person is setting up the total experience.The flower frogs...actually birds...are ready to fly into your homes...And now that they are unpacked and lined up, there are some real charmers...the one in this photo has a bird which sits on the rim as well as a traditonal ceramic "frog" inside...I have the parts taped down...not to say people are not careful...but...Then there are other charmers...

Plus...some non-birds...check the monkeys!
Not to mention a couple fair maidens...
So, if you want to show off your spring blossoms with a little finesse, please stop by...we are creating, designing, and waiting to show off..."Blossom by blossom the spring begins..." ~ Algernon Charles Swinburne

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Just a bed of roses said...

I'd say your place is for the birds!
Let spring begin although it did come in like a lion.
You and elf have been working like a whirlwind.