Sunday, April 29, 2012

"Don't knock the weather:

nine-tenths of the people couldn't start a conversation if it didn't change once in a while." ~Kin Hubbard

I always like to start and end with a quotation on my weekly post here, and I stumbled upon Kin Hubbard, identified as an American humorist who lived from 1868-1930. This time of year the weather is a main topic of conversation because it is a little erratic. I thought by now I could have posted pictures of the outside of the store all ready for the new tourist season, but not so...40 mph winds...40 degree the plants are sitting patiently waiting.
And, my shop is waiting for its face-lift!
So, let's take a look at a new find...a lucite purse.
I never find these in quantity. The prices are sometimes quite ludicrous. In fact, I saw $900 as the going rate on an article while researching. Of course, you know my feeling about the online pricing. In the 1950's DuPont developed a wonderful new plastic that was used for the boxy purses. This sturdy new plastic could be structured, molded and carved into interesting new shapes never before known.
Lucite was created in many wonderful colors with interesting features such as marbling, added glitter, pearlized, clear, opaque and transparent. Some had inset rhinestones and many had wonderfully ornate metal trim.
There had never been such revolutionary creative purses as these and they became very popular for about a ten to fifteen year period. It is an interesting study in women's the attention span 10-15 years? That brings another Hubbard quote...“There are two ways to handle a woman, and nobody knows either of them.” Women are Vera purses...very retro fabric...what has turned them into a sensation? Who knows?

 As with any purse, these bags came in varying degrees of quality to accommodate any pocketbook and were priced from $5-$75 ($36-$545 in today's money). They were fun and unusual and remain so today as collectors and lovers of vintage accessories snatch them up. The most common names associated with Lucite purses are Wilardy, Charles Kahn, Patiricia of Miami, Stylecraft of Miami, Gilli, Lewellyn, Maxim, Tryolean, Rialto.

Many were unsigned or have lost their paper tags. This would make a neat Mother's Day gift...and also...the jewelry elf, Sharon, is up from Florida...check out these new bracelets! These are made from old clip-on earrings.

She also made some more of the beaded bangles...old beads recycled...
and then, a new series...this is a set of 2 since the more bracelets, the better in the new retro fashion world.
Also, my BFF Ruthie the elf is helping me get the shop all gussied up for the new season...and we will be doing the Bayberry Twigs Antique Show in Avalon, Saturday May 26 at the Community Hall at 30th and the beach.
We are putting away some special treasures just for that show. So, if you are coming into town for the Memorial Day weekend, you can find us there...of course, the shop is open also, and with my teaching wrapping up in 2 weeks the shop will be going to its seasonal hours...daily except Tuesdays. It is always exciting to welcome the new season and new arrivals to the area.
"The world's favorite season is the spring. All things seem possible in May." - Edwin Way Teale

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