Sunday, May 6, 2012

“You don't stop laughing

because you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing.” ― Michael Pritchard

This week's post is a potpourri of things...nothing serious...the semester ends this week, and I am decompressing!

I have a new line of cards...these are just cannot help but laugh... The company, Leanin' Tree is an all American company based in Colorado. The company has been in business since 1949! See--we do have companies that have survived without going overseas. They print on recycled paper with soy-based inks as a certified "Green Printer." I am trying to buy American, and I am trying to follow the repurpose path also. There are cards, magnets, and a few of the designs are notepads. These cards are truly for the chuckle crowd...
All reasonably priced...$2.79 for the cards, $3.95 for the magnets, and $4.95 for the notepads. Speaking of reasonably priced, did someone miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime to sell on One Kings Lane. Remember the $149 paint brushes from the other week...check out this...
Now...check out the price...
Little did they know that this qualified for more than 25 cents! And, I do think it was half price by the time my BFF and I got to the yard sale!
Next to the new card rack is a new "ladies corner"--a touch of vintage...a touch of antique...a dash of new...we have vintage purses, hats, and even books spotlighting women.
And...another new feature in the shop...vintage seems many women are opting for a touch of retro for their repros...babies, that is...
And, then we have reworked the bump out area in the front of the shop into an area for old, and some new, books
...journals, some treasures for the scrapbooking ribbons, glitter, old paper.
And...Votivo is featured...these candles are truly amazing...they burn well...the scent is pleasant without being overpowering. It is another American company also...they are soy...they burn to a liquid, but once you extinguish the flame, they solidify beautifully, and they burn consistently without making a hole in the candle.
So, there is a peek at what we have been up to...I am eternally grateful to my "elf" for her perseverance in creating these design areas for your entertainment...keep that in mind as you visit the small businesses in your areas...these people work to create a joyful shopping experience...they are more than metal shelving and price guns. We hope you will like what we have created for you as the season slowly comes into bloom for... “The secret of happiness is not in doing what one likes, but in liking what one has to do.” ~James Barrie.

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