Sunday, June 10, 2012

"One day you're in.

The next day you're out."
        Heidi on Project Runway

Vintage is the new "in".  From Junk Gypsies to Etsy, the new craze is recycle, repurpose, reuse...hopefully, this translates to a philosophy of appreciating the old, the history, the value of old or artisan translated can still shop the boxes...I noticed there is a show on HGTV...The Mom Cave...where all of the accessories come from Home Goods...nothing wrong with that since they are paying to sponsor the show; however, the little brick & mortars cannot pay for that kind of advertising although the Junk Gypsy girls do go to the antique shops!  AND...key in their shopping, the prices are amazingly reasonable...they are in Round Top, Texas, and they do not argue over prices!  If something is priced fair, despite the mentality of this business, one should avoid that route. If something is only a couple dollars, unless it is a piece of penny candy, respect the price!
        But, I digress...back to vintage.  I started carrying this magazine in the shop...
This issue has some amazing ideas for all kinds of vintage items.  Looking through this, I realized how much one's personality is tied into the world of vintage & retro.  Like the quote on this picture..."The way you put together the things you love comes from the way you feel about them."

That is why our shop goes through its "disaster" modes...we want you to have appreciate...we do not want to have a shop that looks like a yard sale on a shelf.   It takes time to get the look...and a skillful placement friend & elf Ruthie!  She also has the ability to take something and transform it into that "artisan translated" object that has use...these old baskets are great for storage...neat cottage accent in a room with extra pillows, towels, whatever...

That is what vintage is all about...taking the old...the discarded and breathing life into it...and you can combine old and new...these dishes are 1955...the linens are 2012! 

Another discussion point is pricing since this is turning into a bit of a business takes time to rework the old, and there is the age-old myth that one must "deal" in this retail market.  "What is your best price?"  JC Penney realized the constant sale mentality had worn out its welcome.  Price it right, and it will sell.  Many people in the antique/vintage world though do cling to decades old ideas...mark it up to mark it down...well, my theory is "No need to think twice, I have already given you my best price."  Life is complicated enough these days to have to worry about what is on sale, how much can I get off on in an open air market...maybe...but even then, sometimes those prices are fair as well.  Sadly, if things are always on sale, no one wants to buy if the tag does not reflect why not price it right the first time?

But, back to creates a unique look wherever it goes...from an old piece of discarded fence...
to an old shutter propped in a corner with a new print and new florals... it what you want...breathes life into everything...can you imagine the face of someone who walks into your bathroom and sees this rug on the floor?  This could be the inspiration for decorating an entire I tell my students, "Think outside the box."

And to return to the world of fashion, I leave you with words from Coco Chanel..."Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”  

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The Cinnamon Stick said...

You always write the best posts Susan....honest, fair and true 100% real!! XO, Judy