Sunday, September 2, 2012

"The only place success comes

before work is in the dictionary. ~Vince Lombardi

Ah, Labor Day...the end of summer...ironically the first Labor Day, created in 1882, was to honor union workers and the trade and labor organizations, but now it focuses on Back-to-School or the proverbial mattress sales!

It became a federal holiday in 1894 following the deaths of a number of workers at the hands of the U.S. military and U.S. Marshals during the Pullman Strike (railway traffic was shut down nationwide).  The Pullman Strike was important because it was the first time a federal injunction had ever been used to break up a strike. An interesting tidbit from my research: "George Pullman was no longer regarded as an enlightened employer who took care of his workers, but as a greedy and intolerant man. He was offended by his workers' ingratitude. Pullman worried that people would try to steal what was his from him. Shortly before he died in 1897, he requested that his grave be lined in concrete to keep looters from robbing him."  President Grover Cleveland fearing further conflict had the United States Congress unanimously vote to approve rush legislation that made Labor Day a national holiday; Cleveland signed it into law a mere six days after the end of the strike.  It is always fascinating to read history though and compare to how workers and unions are viewed today!  Pullman would have been lauded today.
And, speaking of workers, this time of year brings fall festivals, craft shows, and outdoor markets.
If you are into these events, you know the thrill of driving down the road and seeing the cars lined up is always a good sign!  Not to mention being able to pull in!

We have one every Labor Day weekend now down the road from me at Pine Lake Nursery.  I thought I would just remind you of how much work goes into setting up at these shows...note the boxes, the vans packed, the piles to unload!

Patty runs this at her nursery...
 The initial unloading always gives one unique perspectives of the human body!
Not to mention the "I know I brought ____"...fill in the blank with anything from bags to money to inventory that you really wanted to display and sell! 
Of course, some dealers manage to avoid the bending and unpacking!  Sue had surgery and was able to avoid the calisthenics of unpacking!
 I have featured George from The White Whale on the blog a couple he is live and in person!
His booth, like his little shop, is always a treasure trove.  Here is a beautiful ironstone display.
He also had a dollhouse that had sold for $700 at an auction in 2005...prices used to be high in the antique market...but, like everything else, were jolted back to reality by the economy.

And, he also had something that brought my childhood back...a gas station...I had one that I well as a 50s era picnic carrier!
This is another neighbor~Connie~she has an antique shop at her home.  Always good to have a little sugar before the crowd comes!  That morning donut hits the spot!
Some of the displays are always, have some eye candy...


And speaking of fresh tomatoes, some sellers had harvested...baskets of tomatoes for $1

to fresh eggplant. It is not always about "stuff"!
But, then there are the challenges of the tables of goodies to look at...

Nothing like a dollar each sign to call attention to a table!
Perhaps you need a proverbial pot to you-know-what in!

Remember one thing...when you shop at these shows, fairs, events...the money is not going to a corporate CEO.  It is paying for groceries, school supplies, gas, it...these people are American workers.  Sure, maybe some do it in their spare time, but isn't your spare time worth something?
Be grateful for the small independent business person~we do tend to forget...not everyone is a total "Maxinista". 
And, on Labor Day, remember these words from Oscar Wilde:  "The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one."



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