Sunday, January 13, 2013

"Our admiration of the antique

is not admiration of the old, but of the natural.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Last week I talked about the virtual antique and buying world, suggesting that one should get out to see the real world.  Periodically I have done a show and tell of area shops, and my feature today is
in Salem, New Jersey.   Updated frequently, the web site provides eye candy also.  Owned by Mike and Suzanne Cooke, this is an old feed mill that they have restored and filled with treasures that you see on the pages of Country Living.  This is old school antiques not Chinese look-a-likes!  Furniture is made of real wood not pressed sawdust! 

So, today I take you through Royal Port...a random photo tour of a shop that not only makes one appreciate antique but also makes you realize how neat "old" can be!  So, have a seat and let's roll through some sites at Royal Port! And, if you were there, you could have coffee or tea and a little goodie to help you enjoy your visit.
There are the myths of what do I do with this "old" stuff...check out some of these displays...truly "natural"...and timeless...these items have survived over a hundred years.  Look around your recent purchases from the "maxxinista" buying...what will be in someone's house in 2113?

Along with the mini displays set up around this 2 story treasure box are architectural pieces and parts. 

These doors, for example, are going to be reborn on a house that Sandy tried to destroy...
I have said many times that antique dealers were really the first recyclers.  Check out this little table and chair set...sold, by the is timeless...but imagine all the meals eaten here, the conversations....
So much in today's world is hit and run...we used to say take time to smell the flowers, but today few people even see the flowers unless it is on their Pinterest site!
 Some more views from the shop...

These are interesting stars...these are cast iron wall ties (anchors) from a Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia, building where Revolutionary War uniforms were made.

The history behind pieces is always fun to know, but sometimes things just speak for themselves.

And even more treasures...

Out back "picker's field" is always filled with surprises...Mike has been cleaning it up over the past year, and, in the spring, I know Suzanne will be adding some floral interest also. 

 Here are the owners~Mike and Suzanne...Mike was rushing out, but I caught him! 

Looking at them reminds me of this quote from Gandhi~ "Happiness is when you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony."  At this shop, you know happiness surrounds these keepers of the past.

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