Sunday, February 24, 2013

"In wine there is wisdom,

in beer there is Freedom, in water there is bacteria.” ~ Benjamin Franklin
What got me thinking about drinking was Washington's Birthday which coincided with National Margarita Day!  I started to wonder about glasses...the margarita glass is a definite shape...
I do like different glasses...we have what we fondly call our "wine cabinet" in the store...
Glass making dates to 3000 BC, but it was a rare thing since the furnaces needed to create it were not common. For many centuries it was the commodity of kings.  The oldest drinking "glasses" were actually made of bone, and archaeologists date their findings to 10,000 BC found in China and Japan.
Between 6500 and 3000 BC, pottery was discovered, and the potter's wheel made cups with handles a new item.  Decorated clay mugs have been found in ancient Greece dating to 4000-5000 BC.   Metal mugs from bronze, silver, gold and even lead (no comment) came into existence around 2000 BC.
Although wooden mugs were probably common, they did not survive the test of time.   The Chinese invented porcelain around 600 AD, and they created mugs suitable for hot and cold liquids. 
Glasses as we know them today really did not become available to the average home until glass manufaturing became more efficient with the use of soda lime.  The Italians worked on that, and by the 1890s glass manufacturing was a mainstay in many parts of the world.   So, when you take a drink, remember there was a time when only the 1% could have that wine in a glass!
And, for those of us in the cold winter climates, I thought this picture was worthy to raise a glass...

My daffodils!  And, the heating/cooling system is finally going to be installed this week so I can truly present March madness in my shop!  So, I will drink to Bette Davis said,   
“There comes a time in every woman's life when the only thing that helps is a glass of champagne.” 

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