Sunday, March 15, 2015

“I'm a greater believer in luck,

and I find the harder I work the more I have of it” 
 ~ Thomas Jefferson

Those of us who are "self-employed" are often envied by those who work for "the man" so to speak. If you own a small shop, you will often hear, "Oh, I would love to do this!"  What they do not see are the hours that go into making a small store work well especially if the owner (or owners) is manager, employee, auditor, merchandiser, etc etc etc!

We are lucky though to be able to follow a dream, and so this week I introduce you to another neighbor - Swainton's Corner - at the corner (get it?) of Goshen Swainton Road and Route 9.
 It is run by Susan (Suzee) and Bill (Billio) Olaschinez!  They are following their dream after being in co-ops and collecting for years.  You can see how happy they look after a whirlwind month of redoing this building for their "corner" - literally and figuratively - of "Route 9 Retail"!
 They opened last cookies...custom made by a friend of Suzee's.
and there is always free coffee - Keurig style - right inside the door!
Since they just opened last weekend, they are still looking for others who would like to join their entrepreneurial dream.  There are 4 who are part of the "Corner", and at $2 sq.ft. and 5%, that is a good way to see if you want to dream along.  I think this room would be a dynamic spot! There are also showcases and wall sections with adjustable shelves if you just want to try out the retail world.
Wandering around you will find a mixture of treats and treasures...

Furniture, finds, and fun stuff...

A touch of holiday, a seat of friends, a wall of treasures...

And...a desk for contemplating...and handcrafted cards for mailing by local artist Jane Beebe...

So, this week we celebrate luck not just with corned beef and cabbage or green beer, but with the spirit of those who have been lucky enough to follow a dream!  Welcome to Route 9, Suzee and Bill!

"I've found that what most people call luck is often little more than raw talent combined with the ability to make the most of opportunities."
 ~ Timothy Zahn in Heir to the Empire

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The Cinnamon Stick said...

Hope to visit this summer...nice introduction Susan. Judy