Sunday, June 28, 2015

"Do what you can,

with what you have, where you are."
       ~Teddy Roosevelt

If you have ever watched one of the sites that monitors population growth like World Population Clock, you will see the number clicking way over 7 billion by the seconds.   That is quite a crowd to put on our 196.9 million square  miles which is why the current wave of "repurposing" is such a plus for the planet.  The complete phrase is recycle, repurpose, reuse, and, when you think of it, those of us who deal in reselling have been doing this for many centuries.

Antique collecting dates to the 16th century in England and Europe.  The 18th century brought advances in art and in archaeology, and public and private collecting began in earnest.   In the United States, old books, manuscripts, possessions owned by famous people (see the more we think we have advanced, the truth creeps in!), as well as classical antiquities.

State historical societies encouraged preserving colonial history and those artifacts.  In the late 1850s Mount Vernon was restored and became one of the country's first "house" museums.

Then in 1876 the Centennial Exposition probably created the first antique show where household articles like pewterware and furniture were displayed in reconstructed colonial rooms.
The 20th century was the collectors' time. From paintings, books, and furniture to stoneware, stamps, and quilts, the world of "recycle" took off.  Now, there was the issue of "antique".  The 1930 Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act defined antiques as "artistic antiquities and objects of ornamental character or educational value which shall have been produced prior to the year 1830."  There are still what I call "old school" collectors around, but I am not Christie's nor Sotheby's, and I believe the antique/vintage seller was...and still is...the best recycler in the 21st century.

With the concept of recycle, repurpose, reuse in mind, let me introduce you to a new friend who has specialized in those words...Juliana of The Faux Chateau.  For personal reasons, she has relocated to New Jersey from Virginia, but her web site shows her expertise in faux finishing.  She can give new life to everything from walls to concrete statues.  I have the good fortune to have her working with me on recycling clothing and, in this new partnership, giving jackets new life.

Even though I have her using her artistic talents on for hand painted silk you can contact her for personal faux finishing work as can click this for her Facebook page link.

These jackets are currently in the shop...and I have added accents from our inventory to make statement displays...

This is a neat piece...accents on the color and a neat ruffle around the bottom...

This one has a fun message on the back...
This is the front...
I love the idea of reusing the old to create new, and you know I love supporting local talent.  Whether it is reworking a clothing idea or designing a wall mural...Juliana is a welcome addition to the talented artists in the area and across the USA.

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time."  
      ~Thomas Merton


The Cinnamon Stick said...

Hey Teach...I always LEARN so much from your posts....never stop cause I never want to stop learning! XO

Just a bed of roses said...

agree with judy...always love to learn from you. The jackets are fun, love how they are lengthened with fabric or lace.

Susan said...

Thanks, friends!