Saturday, July 22, 2017

"Here's looking

at you, kid!
   Rick in Casablanca

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Based on my reading, this phrase was actually repeated 4 times in the movie.  The phrase sans "kid" actually dates back to the late 1800s as a toast before the script writers of Casablanca made it famous in 1942.  One of the sources was from a story in Ballou's Monthly Mahgazine [sic] (May 1884):
            "Ah," said the colonel, as he threw out a chew of tobacco, and took the bottle. "Here's looking at you."
            "Drink hearty," the young man replied, and taking the bottle he held it up, and added, "Here's to the hair of your head."

What got me on this was a stash of head vases I just unpacked.  They are all looking at something!
 For some reason, these are so 50s!  Actually they were produced by florist companies to hold the bouquets they sold. Their small openings helped to maximize sales by limiting the number of blossoms each container held.  There is method in retail madness no matter what decade!  

Initially the head vases were made in American studios.  Betty Lou Nichols, Ceramic Arts Studio, and Dorothy Copley were among the early manufacturers.  According to a collector site, "Nichols’ distinctive vases often showcase ladies with intricately curled hair and fabric ruffles along with pouting lips and her signature three-dimensional black eyelashes, all in hard ceramic."

Then came World War II and the ceramics industry was part of our attempt to help Japan when we occupied the country.  We go off on Made in China, but we forget the Japanese companies that eventually buried our American ceramic factories.  Enesco, Lefton, Napco. and Ucagco went into production with cheaper products.  Soon Japanese head vases were in vogue...even a Japanese lady...which is a little interesting considering the war, but it seems that people moved on much quicker than today's folks.
There are over 10,000 styles with ones modeled after Marilyn Monroe, Lucille Ball, and Jackie Kennedy more in demand by collectors.  I like the "winker"...
Then there are the regular 50s girls...
This one looks like she is thinking...not tonight, I have a headache...
There a couple can see size next to the larger one...


I have seen mention of conventions in some of the articles, but no recent information on that.  Again, the idea of collecting is slowly fading from the culture...I know curating is a current term, but that does not mean one buys every item in that field.  These could be used for make-up brushes or even flowers as originally intended...even air heads the real world...
"Remember, having a good head on our shoulders is not just for decoration purposes."
~ Sunday Adelaja

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