Saturday, July 15, 2017

"Thrift shopping is all about going into the thrift shop and

 having no expectation of what you might find.

A couple years ago Macklemore, the person I quoted above, released a song about thrift shops.  To be honest, in a way vintage and antique shops are "fancy" thrift shops although some thrift shops do price like antique shops.  The problem is that shop owners have to buy their inventory, and many thrift shops get their inventory donated to them.  I understand that those shops do have overhead, and they have expenses also, but sometimes those shops are not really thrifty, but I found a gem in Habitat for Humanity's foray into the thrift/recycle business.

ReStore...welcome to Habitat for Humanity's venture into the recycling world.  From their web page..."ReStores are independently owned and operated by local Habitat for Humanity organizations. Proceeds are used to help build strength, stability, self-reliance and shelter in local communities and around the world."  There are more than 850 ReStores around the country, and one just opened here in Cape May Court House (NJ).
 This just opened last month, but it looks very promising for adding some decorator pieces to your home!  They have set up some nice displays... 

They have mirror, mirror for your wall to tell you that you are the fairest of them all!
Dining tables...
And a variety of furniture that you do not see in the smaller thrift shops...I did not get photos of all the nice couches, but there is a variety of other furniture.

This is a neat marble topped coffee table for $70! The top alone caught my attention!
Also available...bed rails!  Sometimes you might have a great idea for a headboard...then...well, bed are shelves of them!
Want to be creative with some sinks?
Appliances also...
And...neat some tiles for a small project...also building never know what you might find at a fraction of the cost of you-know-where...

I love to promote local businesses, and I have donated to Habitat.  So, check your area if you are not local, and see if there is a ReStore around.  Very impressive!  

And words from a rather wealthy icon...
       I believe that thrift is essential to well-ordered living.
            ~John D. Rockefeller

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